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Freecycle & Recycle Groups

"When it just won't sell, recycle it!"
( = > 100 members = > 500 members = > 1,500 members)

NOTE: Recycle groups are below in BOLD. The main difference between a Recycle group and a Freecycle group is that a Recycle group is less limiting on what one can post and more open to give its members more outlets and options for their "stuff". There are also ReUseIt groups which are just breakaway Freeycle groups and are similar to Freecycle groups when it comes to restrictions.

Northwestern Missouri

St. Joseph, Mo Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.

Northcentral Missouri

No Groups

Northeastern Missouri

Hannibal, MO Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.
Kirksville, MO Freecycle™ *

Westcentral Missouri

Blue Springs, MO Freecycle™
Cass County Freecycle™
Independence, MO Freecycle™
Jackson County Free Baby Items - A non-Freecycle™ group.
KC Traders - MMP Recommended. A non-Freecycle™ group.
Lees Summit, MO Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.
Northland Freecycle™
Oak Grove / Grain Valley, MO Freecycle™
Warrensburg, MO Freecycle™

Central Missouri

Camdenton, MO Freecycle™
Centralia, Mo Free Recycle - A non-Freecycle™ group.
Columbia, MO Freecycle™ *
Crawford County Freecycle™
Fulton, MO Freecycle™
Lake Ozark, MO Freecycle™
Moberly, MO Freecycle™
Pettis County Freecycle™
Pulaski County (Richland) Freecycle™
Rolla, MO Freecycle™
Waynesville, MO Freecycle™

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Eastcentral Missouri

Chesterfield, MO Freecycle™
Farmington, MO ReUseIt
Franklin County Recycle A non-Freecycle™ group.
Southern Franklin County Freecycle™
Gasconade County MO ReUseIt A non-Freecycle™ group.
Hazelwood, MO Freecycle™
Jefferson County ReUseIt *
Jefferson County, MO Recycle - MMP Recommended. A non-Freecycle™ group.
Maryland Heights, MO ReUseIt * A non-Freecycle™ group.
Mid-St. Louis, MO ReUseIt A non-Freecycle™
Montgomery County Freecycle™
North County StL, MO Recycle - MMP Recommended. A non-Freecycle™ group.
O'Fallon, MO ReUseIt A non-Freecycle™ group.
St. Charles County, MO Freecycle™ *
St. Louis, Mo Freecycle
St. Louis, Mo ReUseIt* - 14,000+ members!
St. Louis, MO Recycle - MMP Recommended. A non-Freecycle™ group.
Warren County Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.

Southwestern Missouri

Bolivar, MO Freecycle™
Christian County Freecycle™
Joplin, MO Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.
Monett (Barry/Lawrence County) Freecycle™
Nevada/Eldo Springs, MO Freecycle™
Springfield, Mo Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.

Southcentral Missouri

Ozark County Freecycle™

Southeastern Missouri

Poplar Bluff, MO Freecycle™
Sikeston, MO Freecycle™ - MMP Recommended.

MMP Recommended statements are given to groups that are supportive of Missouri Marketplace and are receptive to want to work together towards the same causes of helping to keep our landfills emptier and wanting to give Missourians options on how to get rid of their unwanted stuff. Group owners and/or mods can contact the MMP admin to find out how they can get their group recommended.

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